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Tech Tip – Backups

There are all too many ‘horror’ stories of when backups have failed in organisations costing them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. In one case there was a business that was the largest supplier in its industry with some 17,000 customers. The nature of their business meant that they were required to hold vast amounts of data of a sensitive nature for their customers. One day, they needed to restore a file. They couldn’t. The immediate next step was to go to the previous backup. Same result. “OK, let’s try last week”. Still no good. They soon discovered that for 18 months, they had not had a successful backup. If there had been a flood or fire, they almost certainly would have lost their business. It was a time bomb waiting to go off. […]

May 25th, 2010|Financial Management, General Resources|

About Community Governance – Christian edition

Ever wanted to know the WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW of governance and management of a healthy Christian organisation? Have you ever come across terms like vision, mission, strategic planning, policy governance, core values, core purpose, accountability, management and governance and wondered not just what they are but how they fit together? If you are [...]

May 2nd, 2010|Community Governance, General Resources|

Compliance Checklist

The compliance burden faced by Not for Profit Organisations is growing greater every year, such that it is becoming more difficult for senior staff to keep up with all the requirements; let alone Boards discharging their statutory duties monitoring where things are at. […]

May 2nd, 2010|Financial Management, General Resources, Strategic Leadership|

Sample Board Finance Report Dashboard

Attached is a sample Board Finance Dashboard report.  This is a simple template version of this popular dashboard report.  Resolve can customise a dashboard to suit your organisation - please contact us to discuss how we can assist you: Finance Dashboard Report

May 2nd, 2010|Financial Management, General Resources|

Characteristics of an Effective Board

Please find attached Resolves Characteristics of an Effective Board article: Characteristics of an Effective Board

May 2nd, 2010|Community Governance, General Resources|

Business Manager Compliance Checklist Report

Please find attached our free Compliance Checklist Report template for Business Managers in both Schools and General Not for Profits: School Operations Compliance Checklist General Not for Profit Operations Compliance Checklist

May 2nd, 2010|Financial Management, General Resources|

Using Consultants Effectively

Are you considering gettin external help by engaging a Consultant.  The following article may be of some assistance: Getting External Help

May 2nd, 2010|General Resources|