Cloud Board Portal


✓ A functional governance tool receptive to the demands of today’s board.

✓ Easy access to board members and resource materials even for the not so tech savvy.

✓ Purpose built platform for effortless senior leadership participation.  Facebook style wall allowing board members and management to post questions and hold discussions between meetings in a secure environment.

✓ Auto synced content allows for timely data.

✓ Files are located in Australia as well as synchronised to Resolve’s secure cloud server – aimed at minimising the risk associated of losing information.

✓ Accessible on any device.

✓ Geographically relevant. Sensitive to the needs of a global board.

✓ Paperless and automated meetings designed to lighten the load for board management, including an event calendar for meeting planning that can be automatically synchronised and added to members existing calendar software as an iCal calendar.

Pricing Guide

Start using your board portal from $10/user per month ex GST. Fees include a package of up to 5 users including 1 power user and 4 standard users. Additional users are available for purchase to suit your needs in packs of 5 users. Fees are inclusive of customising the look of the site by including the schools logo on the login page and a school image as a banner image on the portal site. Also an optional additional site is available if required for staff portals etc.

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