Community Governance

Ever wanted to know the WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW of governance and management of a healthy Christian or Not for Profit organisation? Community Governance is a framework developed by Resolve that brings together the key components that build a healthy organisation.

Have you ever come across terms like vision, mission, strategic planning, policy governance, core values, core purpose, accountability, management and governance and wondered not just what they are but how they fit together?

Community Governance is an intuitive practical framework for Board members, management and leaders of Nonprofits that is a teaching tool that focuses on developing the key ingredient for effective, healthy Nonprofit organisations Рrelationships!

Nicolas Berggruen - Author

“The Biggest Determinant In Our Lives Is Culture, Where We Are Born, What The Environment Looks Like. But The Second Biggest Determinant Is Probably Governance, Good Governance Or A Certain Kind Of Governance Makes A Huge Difference In Our Lives.”