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One of those things that organisations do from time to time are Strategic Management Plans – some are long and complex, others are way too generic, while others really help the organisation move forward in a strategic and focused way.

One of the issues that arises in developing a Strategic Management Plan, or indeed just understanding your community better, is how to hear from your beneficiaries and others around the organisation as to how you are going.

Boards and management will always have a view, but this may be different from the troops on the ground!

You can use focus groups and potentially hear from the motivated people on the same issues (though focus groups can work when set up properly). We have found over many years that enabling all of your staff and beneficaries to have a say really makes a difference and helps you understand what is happening in all aspects of our organisation.

At Resolve, we have done many such Community Sentiment Surveys in schools in particular, covering Parents, Staff and Students (normally from Year 5 upwards). The results are rarely a shock, but along with detailed analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data, the school gets a lot of information on what they are doing well and what they perhaps need to work on. The result being a clearer path forward and a research based approach rather than “we just think this is a good idea”.

If you would like to have Resolve help your organisation or school with such a survey (which also includes benchmarking in the results) please call us.

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